December 13, 2007

Art & Friendship

My office walls are painted lime green. I have accents of orange, blue, red, purple and black. It is my happy spot. The art I choose to hang, is that of friends:

Dahlia Painting: Celia Stapleton
Photos-Bird Nest, Dragonfly: Renee Bianchi
Letter C: Rosemary Krueger
Repro Samplers: Nancy Bochsler, sister-in-law & friend

Thanks for the inspiration, ladies!


Anonymous said...

What are you doing up so early blogging??? Oh, I get it... If I had a happy spot so bright and beautiful i'd be up too!
Lovely space you have! I can't wait to personalize one of my own, indeed it will be bright and inspiring, just like yours!


The Dangerous Mezzo said...

Nice mini ya got there :)

nina kuriloff said...

your office is decorated very nicely!