December 10, 2007

Charlie Brown Christmas tree

Yesterday we had the classic tree adventure. (We recently moved to Central Oregon from the Willamette valley where we had noble trees growing in our backyard. Add to that the fact our brother-in-law is a Christmas tree farmer and this equals us not having to pay for a Christmas tree in 15 + years.)

In our great wisdom, we decided to buy a Forest Service tree permit for $5 and cut our own tree. We looked online to see where we could purchase one as it was Sunday and the Forest Service office was closed. Happily, our local hardware store was listed as a seller. (Local...only 8 miles from our house) But when we arrived, we were told they were sold out....they had sold twice as many as last year!

No problem. We needed to drive to either Sisters or Prineville to get a tree anyway as there aren't any trees within 25 miles of us that aren't juniper. We decided upon Sisters, drove all the way there only to find out the two retail spots selling permits were sold out as well!

Alrighty! We're told that there are 3 permits left in Camp Sherman, so we drive another 15 miles only to find out they're out of permits too!!! Aaarrghhh.

So now we've been driving for 1 1/2 hours, its 1pm, we're starving, so we decide to go back to Sisters get some lunch and decide what to do. Our big decision? On the drive home we stopped at a Christmas tree stand and bought a damn tree! So much for our $5 outing.

At least it was snowing...

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