December 10, 2007


First post

I'm feeling a little behind the times. Last week I participated in my first online forum on Etsy. Now, I'm posting on my own blog.

This is BIG for me. And all so new...When I was in high school (back in the 80's) personal computers were very new. I can honestly say that while there were computer classes offered, no one I knew signed up for them.

When I finally did start using a computer (early 90's) I used it solely as a glorified type writer.

Now, I'm selling on the internet (thanks Etsy!), participating in forums, and blogging.

Basically, all that was to excuse how the layout of this blog looks. (I'm old, I'm having a hard time here!)

I'll post this now, and try to figure out how to upload some pics in a bit.

Charmaine (High Desert Diva)

1 comment:

Chucka Stone Designs said...

welcome to blogger, hope you get over and check out mine as well :)