December 10, 2007

Georgia jar

I stole this idea from my friend Georgia....she has them all over her house. This is a delightful way to display all your little treasures. I used a large brandy snifter and filled it with smalls: a glass door knob, wooden cabinet wheels, skeleton keys, seashells, buttons, a marble egg, an alabaster bird, an antique pocket watch and many other items. I topped it off with an empty clock face. Guests can't keep their hands out of this! They're constantly pulling items out for a closer look. These can also be made with a theme in mind. Weddings: fabric, lace and ribbon from dress, dried flowers, photos, save the date card, invitations....all tucked away, but on display.


Anonymous said...

That is such a cool idea! I'm going to have to steal it from You!!
Great blog by the way!!

Terri said...

That is really cool!!
I may have to steal that idea, too...*starts thinking of all the fabulous and fun items that are lying around the house*
I do have one of those gigantic brandy snifters but at the moment it is filled with glass ornaments.

Chucka Stone Designs said...

Great idea! Glad to see more Etsyians on blogger, welcome! I'm b-marking your blog for more great ideas in the future :)

OcelotEyes said...

I think I have a smaller one of those that a friend gave me before she moved away - it was full of beach sand, random rough gemstones, beach glass, and large wooden beads. They were her treasures, but she entrusted them to me for the time being. Truly a neat way of displaying things!

I keep my own rough gemstones, crystals and fossils I've collected from over the years, in a small glass candleholder, the type that looks like lovely crackled glass.