December 27, 2007

Hospice...the beginning

My mom, aunt & uncle met with the Hospice nurse today for my grandmother. This is part of an email from my mom:

"I really liked Karen the Hospice nurse! First she went in and introduced herself to Mom and talked to her for about 5 minutes. Then we answered lots of questions and helped fill out all of the paper work. She went over all of the meds that Mom is currently taking and made a lot of good suggestions. She would like to discontinue the blood pressure readings and the blood sugar pricks and the aspirin due to the bruising. She said they could bring in a bath person twice a week so that would double the baths per week. Also there are Hospice volunteers who could come and visit during the day to give her more company. After the meeting we all went back in with Mom. Karen gave her a little bedside exam. She was concerned about the swelling in her leg and would evaluate more for any other skin problems. She also looked at the mattress and might change that as well as something to prop the covers off of her leg and foot. She was very smart and compassionate and wants to start the changes right away. I know that Mom will be so much more comfortable and that it is the right time."

Thank you

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