December 11, 2007

Kitchen cabinet install....will it ever be finished?

For those of you who don't know, my husband & I moved to Central Oregon, bought 5 acres and started a whole house remodel in early July. In September, the kitchen cabinets were partially installed. Two of the cabinets had been ordered in the wrong size. It took a month for the new ones to arrive, but then the crown molding wouldn't fit !!! I ended up having to order different molding (straight and boring) as my large crown wouldn't work. (This was not my design flaw, by the way, the cabinet guy measured I'm cleaning up the mess) Another month wait for the order, then the wait to fit into the installer's schedule....Today, happily, the cabinet installer is here, trying to get the new (and unimproved) molding to fit. Keep your fingers crossed....the kitchen may be completed today!


Anonymous said...

Yay!! Be sure to post pictures when it's done!!
And as for putting a link to my recycle post, just click on the title of that post, and it will take you to a page with solely that post on it... there's your link, copy and paste however you like!

Chucka Stone Designs said...

I am all too familiar with adventures in home improvement! We bought and fully renovated a home in the western part of Massachusetts over 5 years ago and finally just "finished". I use air quotes because as I'm sure you already know it is never actually finished. Ours is an investment though & will be sold in the next couple months. You will become an expert at everything you never thought you could do :) Good luck with the molding/cabinet install & definitely post pictures when its finished!