January 30, 2008

Remodel-Kitchen: and the story behind the design

Designing a kitchen for myself turned out to be much harder than I thought. I knew what I wanted: "green" kitchen cabinets, wood floor, paperstone countertops. But then the budget got in the way. Our first estimate for cabinetry was twice the budget we had for the entire kitchen. Replacing all the appliances wasn't an option, but since I happen to love this stove (a GE from the late 50's is my guess) I decided to design the kitchen with this stove in mind. As well as Mark's grape branch which I wanted above the window, and seen from as much of the house as possible.

All the kitchen pictures I had saved throughout the years featured off-white cabinets. Since I didn't want off-white next to bright white appliances, I added the dark stained pieces to off-set the appliances.

The footprint is fairly small 9' wide by 11' deep. I changed my floorplan at least 12 times before I had it the way I wanted.


Chucka Stone Designs said...

That island was a terrific find, it gives you great extra countertop space. Love your mix of off white & wood cabinetry. Mark is definitely an amazing artist as well, every piece you have shown illustrates his talent so well. You two make an excellent team :)

Jessica Ziel said...

This gives me hope. My kitchen is so dated and a design mess (both functionally and visually) great job.

Cicada Studio said...

I like the mix of the dark stain and painted white cabinets. For a small kitchen, it looks huge! The layout really works too. Did you go with the Paperstone?

High Desert Diva said...

PaperStone...yep...sure did
Love it!

Helen | Pepperina Press said...

You did such a great job! I love that stove too.