January 12, 2008


Today I'm in Seaside to celebrate my friend Jeannette's 65th birthday.

This is the perfect place to be to restore my soul. The Pacific ocean is a few blocks away...I can smell the sea from here, wet and salty.

Jeannette has the happiest home I know. Her house vibrates with color and art. Lime greens, blues, yellows, orange...color therapy at its finest.

Today I will be surrounded with laughter, light and love.


Anonymous said...

Art therapy is wonderful, and so is Seaside... Just checking in hun, good to hear you are finding a bit of time to relax and renew...


Chucka Stone Designs said...

Have a great time with your friend at the ocean side :) ~ Jenn

Anomaly Studios said...

I envy you and your friend. I want so badly to be able to smell the ocean air. I miss being by the water. Sounds wonderful.

High Desert Diva said...

I hear you! I moved to the desert last May, and hadn't seen/smelled the ocean since.