January 08, 2008

Too Much

I can see this is shaping up to be an interesting week.

Yesterday I flew to Portland (Oregon), rented a car and drove to my grandmother's house to start sorting her things.

I maybe got a third of the sewing room cleaned out. So much stuff! I have boxes and bags filled with material, seam binding, embroidery thread, knitting & crochet needles, buttons, snaps, yarn. OY! And there's still more!

There are 5 boxes filled with finished crafts: potholders, eye-glass holders, tortilla warmers (of all things), baby bibs, kitchen towels with crocheted hangers, coasters, some items I haven't been able to identify, and some I've never seen. When did my grandma make beaded angel earrings?

Currently there's a walking path through the living room. The kitchen is blocked off on one side with filled boxes and bags. (Which reminds me I forgot to bring the empty boxes from my mom's house...damn!) I need to find somewhere to put the packed items, to make room to pack more.

My aunt Debby suggested renting a POD to store things in while I continue sorting. $150 rent, $50 delivery each way...still pondering that one.

I'll sign off by saying thanks for all the emails and blog notes. Sorry I haven't really been responding.

I'm also going to leave Star Willow Studios earrings up all week. I'm currently using my uncle's computer...still can't figure out why my MacBook won't upload the photos. So check back next week for more favorite finds.


Anonymous said...


Keep in mind that I would be honored to help out in anyway. You are doing a great job - stay the course and just keep reminding yourself that this is the treasures of a life and you were chosen to complete this task your way.

Love always,

Trendy Tots said...

Sorry to hear about your grandmother. While it will be an emotional journey to sort through everything, I hope that you find some treasures and happy memories along the way.

Auntie Joy said...

Hi Charmaine,
Please set back a couple of Ommie's potholders for me to buy.

High Desert Diva said...

She would have loved for you to have some. I'll choose some pink and green ones for you

Chucka Stone Designs said...

Just keep doing this good thing you are doing & don't worry about responses online, we are all here to support you in one way or another even if it is just a friendly "you go girl" blog comment :) You are so strong! ~ jenn