February 29, 2008

Dream of Spring

There's still time to participate. Click on the above link for more info.

Diva answers:
What's your favorite part of spring?
Seeing all the regeneration...the whole landscape changes...I love this

What are your favorite flowers?
Lavender, bee balm (Monarda), wild roses, lilacs, lupine

What types of hobbies/crafts do you enjoy?
Calligraphy, flea marketing, beach combing, reading

What types of vintage do you collect or look for?
Pre 1940, boxes, ephemera, silver, unusual/quirky/odd

Any allergies or things that you absolutely can't stand?
Patchouli, stuff from the 60's-80's


Simply Me Art said...

Havent met anyone who also Love Lupine.. So pretty...

Angela said...

I can totally cosign on hating patchouli!

Hey Harriet said...

What!?! You can't stand stuff from the 60s to 80s? I love stuff from that period! Or maybe I misunderstood & you're allergic to it? Yes, that's it! It's not that you can't stand it, you have an aversion to it based on valid medical reasons. Phew! Glad I cleared that up ;D

High Desert Diva said...

Hey Harriet,
I've already lived through the
60-80's...don't want to do it again...especially the big hair