February 29, 2008

Hyperlinking How To

Thought I'd share how to hyperlink on Blogger.

Once you've typed up your post, highlight the word or name you want to hyperlink. (Just the word or name...you don't need to type the entire URL in the post text.) For instance, if I want to hyperlink my shop, I would simply highlight the word shop. I do not need to type the URL at this point.

Then go up to the tool bar on the post page....you'll see what looks like two links of chain...it's next to the T (text color) button

Click on that. 

A little window will pop up and you type in the URL (or copy/paste) of the place you want to hyperlink

Hit ok

You've done it!

Now your posting window will have a bunch of HTML gobbly gook in it, but it will simply show up as the word/name (in a different color than the rest of your text) in your published post.

After I've posted, I always go back and click on the link to make sure it works. Sometimes I have to fix it.

Hope this makes sense...good luck!

PS: I see a lot of blogs that have links to other shops in their side bars. You can link the shop name (only) and not have the entire URL show.


Hey Harriet said...

I only discovered this about a week ago, so up until then I was doing it the looooong way! Great info to be sharing. Good on you!

rtisan said...

Thanks--very helpful!

moonshark said...

Thank you diva! This is exactly what I needed...I was WAY off in my attempts...I'm off to try again- have a great day!