February 11, 2008

Ikea Customer Service


We called this morning about the missing parts to the track that holds the second fabric panel for my office closet. The track itself costs a whopping $6. Mark spent almost 10 minutes on the phone this morning explaining the situation. Was told someone would have to review the info and get back to us. I just spent 5 min. on the phone with the person who called back. Told her the two roller pieces for the top track were missing. She wasn't clear on which part that was. I said, the box is suppose to have a track, the roller pieces some tiny screws and an allen wrench. The roller pieces are missing. She said she would have someone call back later as they needed to know exactly which pieces to resend. HELLO! This is not rocket science. The cost of all the parts is a lot less than the cost they have now spent having two different employees "handle the situation".


Auntie Joy said...

nothing and I mean nothing can make me more cranky than such ridiculousness...(is that a word)?

picciolo said...

uh oh, I am planning on going to ikea next week, thankfully it is only an hour away from us, not four... if they are still unhelpful maybe it would be quicker for me to get you a new track and post it from the uk? hehehe
: )

love your remodelled office by the way, the green walls are gorgeous and I love the furniture.
: )

High Desert Diva said...

ha ha Picciolo! :)

Chucka Stone Designs said...

I love your label "rant" here lol. I have loved the products bought over the years at Ikea but thankfully have never had to call CS. Now I pray I never will ;)