February 24, 2008

Landscaping...or not

This last week we've had nice weather...upper 50's, which makes even this I-don't-like-yardwork-girl want to get out and do something.

Something like remove all the Home Depot landscape blocks, orange barkdust and vertical "decor" rocks the previous owner loved (and I loathe).

These are the lovelies that get driven over all the time

And these beauties, with the dead grass (we live in the DESERT...grass should not be an option) are right in front of the house

Mark got some of them pried out, but we cannot even smash the dirt down...it's still frozen solid. (Perma-frost?...are we in Alaska?) Not what I was expecting.

I still have much to learn about living in the high desert.

We ended up picking up all the tumbleweed that had blown against the back fence. (Yes, I said tumbleweed.)


Hey Harriet said...

Yardwork? Eeeeek! I applaud your enthusiasm. I pruned a couple of branches from a small bush today & immediately had to have a little arvo recovery nap ;)

Caroline said...

50's temperatures! I am sooooo jealous!

Cicada Studio said...

Is "hate" too strong a word in reference to those blocks? Let's put it this way... I'm not a fan.

I love yard work. Spring is my favorite time of year- then the mosquitos come out and I am banished indoors.

Make a tumbleweed man! (sort of reverse of a snowman)

High Desert Diva said...

You and me both Michelle....ugh! Can't stand them!!!

Ha! A Tumbleweed Man...hmmmm
maybe a Photopalooza shot....

Chucka Stone Designs said...

Yeah, I'm more of an indoor girl too. Luckily Matt is a landscaping freak so I just stay inside with my paint roller while he mows & clips. Great shots, looking forward to the afters when you thaw out :)

Christie said...

I can't believe after moving from the Texas panhandle that I would ever say I missed tumbleweeds, and who wouldn't have thought there wouldn't be that many in Oklahoma? I posted around Christmas time about a little tumbleweed Christmas tree, that my nana made every year.

Grizzly Mountain Arts said...

Looking good!

Here in central Oregon we don't have much dirt....just rock and crushed up rock :)