February 22, 2008


Before: Washer/dryer in closet off kitchen

We carved as much space as we could to make a separate room...but it's still small and hard to get a good shot.

Shelves for cleaning products, boxed food storage and Christmas dishes. Bench with storage for shoes, boots.

Hooks for coats and hats

Stood outside to take this picture to show how we elevated the washer/dryer to make them at a good ergonomic height for me. This also allowed us to use the space below for storage.

As well as allowing us to add a shelf above for laundry baskets.

Small and efficient.


Anonymous said...

I knew you could do it!!!
I definitely remember the blue and it doesn't look dark in the picture. By the way I'm on my 4th, yes count 'em, 4, shades of red for my front door. What ever happened to the 3rd time is a charm - you and your bright ideas!!
Talk to you soon-

Anonymous said...

You are so smart! I've always mentioned I didn't like the front loaders because of having to bend down all the time... but you put them up higher! How smart is that?! And then there's storage underneath... You go girl. I'm going to have to move you into my house for a while... LOL. ♥

sweetbeans said...