February 01, 2008

My Georgia Jar

This is my Georgia Jar, named in honor of my friend Georgia because I borrowed the idea from her many years ago.

These are some of my tiny treasures, on display in a large brandy snifter.

My collection is eclectic, but this is a fabulous idea for specific collections, too.

Because it was so pretty, I've placed a vintage clock face on top as a decorative lid. (It also happened to fit perfectly)

Guests can't keep their hands out of the jar. They're constantly pulling items out for a closer look which generates questions and lots of laughter. Fun.


tate said...

simply put: BRILLIANT!

AprilDawn said...

Cute idea!

Angela said...

The cockatoo in there is amazing! Reminds me of Joseph Cornell.

Anonymous said...

What a great and inspiring idea! Love it!... and your blog Robin

margarida said...

wow, great jars!!

(thanks a lot for the visit and comment! :) )

Paper Girl Productions said...

What a cool idea!

High Desert Diva said...

I bought the cockatoo at The Rose Bowl Flea Market in LA for $1
It's one of my favorite finds

Kathy said...

oh now that's just too fun for words!!!!!!
and gotta' love a $1 bargain find...just the best!