March 11, 2008

Recycled Art-Wedding Favor Contest

March is Indie Wedding Month and Charming Sam Studio is having a recycled art contest. Interested?

Keeping with the theme of Indie Wedding and Eco-chic, your entry must be a wedding favor; an item given to guests in thanks for attending.

Your wedding favor can be anything BUT it must be made from recycled materials.

This must be an original piece of art, assemblage, etc. done by you and owned by you.

A scan or photograph of your art along with a short description of the materials used must be received via email no later than March 19, 2008 to

Read the complete list of rules here.


$100 Gift Certificate from Charming Sam
$25.00 Gift Certificate from 5th Avenue Bath Co
$25.00 Gift Certificate to the store of your choice at Marmalade Pink

Here's my entry: Vintage hanky lavender-filled sachet, adorned with vintage costume jewelry pin and Merci ribbon.


Cicada Studio said...

Can I vote now? I vote for this!!

Good luck! Hope you win :)

jewelstreet said...

That is just lovely. I could see that at any wedding. Great work!

sherry said...

How charming this is.
I remember that Daryl Hannah movie too, lying on the rooftops soaking up the sun.

I didn't go to Greece until years later, now it's Danny's time ,and he did save half the money himself.

I am dreaming of a warm island right about now,though.

My Grandkids ROCK said...

That is way too cute. My Mindy is getting married in August and I think she would love it. Thanks for the idea. Pam

Caroline said...

Good luck!! I would totally want your sachets at my wedding (if I'd had a wedding, haha).

Jessica Ziel said...

that sachet is so perfect.

good luck

Ameleon said...

This is so beautiful and nostalgic. Hope you win!

Grizzly Mountain Arts said...

This is beautiful! Hope you win!

BaldyLocks said...

I'm still in awe of all your amazing desert photos.

blueboygifts said...

ahhhhhhh!!! Thats awesome! You are TOTALLY going to win.
that is really beautiful. I love the old time vintage look and theme.

picciolo said...

wow love your entry, its very personal and beautiful, I would love to go to a wedding and get this! Fingers crossed that you win the contest
: )

Hey Harriet said...

That is really beautiful.
I hope you win! You deserve to win!