April 21, 2008

Smile challenge

Autonomous Artisans' challenge of the week...smile

This smile is:

a bit of a smirk
slightly mocking
definitely intriguing
ever so languid
undoubtedly enigmatic

It is the most famous smile in the world.


BaldyLocks said...

Hey! I just finally posted the spider one! I'm way behind on my challenges.

Smiles, are a good one.

Sarah McBride said...

I love the mona lisa. I had the priviledge of seeing it in the Louvre, so it has special meaning to me.

Diana said...

The language you used is delicious. And I think it fits the subject perfectly. Very clever!

kdmade said...

What a fantastic challenge! Great entry:)<----- See? It made me smile.

Anonymous said...

I love the Mona Lisa. I would love to see the real one before I exit earth!

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Victoria said...

I got to see her when I was a teenager. The room was so crowded I actually got down on my hands and knees and crawled through the mass of legs and feet, to get up close! Thanks for the happy memory, I'm smiling thinking about it!

Cicada Studio said...

No fair! You got the most quintessential smile of them all. I'd say the polls are closed at this point.

ElegantSnobbery said...

I just love the Mona Lisa and her smile.

M.KATE said...

love her more in the Da Vinci movie. and I've got a special bear award for my best diva of all time!! it came all the way from argentina, but i was dissapointed bcos it was supposed to be sparkly but when i loaded it, it was not. hope someone can help on this :)

honestly, if i have the chance to meet mona lisa, for sure i'll do it, that 'mona lisa' and meet you too, i want to see your garden with the deers roaming around. sorry, if i wont be hopping over till next weekend bcos got to go back to MIL home for some urgent matters. I am just 45 minutes speedboat away from perhentian but i cant go (sob..sob..) because the trip will be a short one, not even when i tried to shed some 'crocodile tears' to my hubby. see you soon and have a fantastic week & weekend ahead, lots of love and big bear hug..by my award :)

picciolo said...

I read this at just the right time, I am sooo in need of a smile!
: )

Hey Harriet said...

Love it! Smiling from across the sea :)

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Did you ever see the movie "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie".

In it, Maggie Smith plays a teacher in a girl's school in Edinburgh of the 1930's.

In one scene, she shows the class a picture of the Mona Lisa and instructs them all to 'cultivate an expression of composure, like the Mona Lisa....come foul or fair..."

Priceless scene and I always think of it whenever I catch a glimpse of "La Giaconda"