September 26, 2008

Autumn goodness

Willow inspired baking...

A recipe shared via blogland and the baking seeds are planted.

I am, sadly, allergic to both wheat and eggs. Pretty much eliminates any yummy baking on my part. Still....I try. Here are some of the gluten/dairy free substitutes I now use in lieu of good ol' flour and eggs.

The finished cake...

I decided to add a broiled topping for additional flavor.  Trust me when I say the substitute flour and egg replacer do NOT come anywhere close to tasting like real flour and eggs.  I thought the topping might add a little pizazz.... 
Here's the recipe in case you're feeling adventurous.

Pear Cake with Broiled Topping

6 tsp. Ener-G Egg Substitute
6 T. warm water, mix together, set aside

1 ½ c. organic sugar
2/3 c. canola oil
2 tsp. real vanilla

½ c. tapioca flour
1 c. brown rice flour
½ c. potato starch
½ c. gluten-free oat flour
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. baking powder
½ tsp. sea salt
1 tsp. cinnamon
½ tsp. nutmeg

3 large pears, diced
1 cup chopped pecans

Mix egg substitute with organic sugar. Stir in oil and vanilla.

Mix together dry ingredients. Add to wet mixture. Stir in pears and nuts.

Pour into greased 13x9 pan. Bake at 350….approximately 40 minutes.

Broiled topping:

1/3 c. soy margarine
2/3 c. brown sugar
1 cup chopped pecans
2/3 c. gluten-free oats
2 T. soy milk

Mix together, spread over hot cake, broil approximately 5 minutes. Watch carefully!


Jenn said...

Oh that looks so good my tummy started to grumble :) I have almost all of that stuff in my cabinets now. Maybe while I'm making sauce this weekend...thanks for sharing this :) Oh and I have a friend who is 100% vegan, I'm sending her over this way!

Cate Holst said...

Wow, living without eggs and flour must be tough. I have a friend who recently found out she can't eat flour and was always tired. She changed her diet and got pregnant after 3 years of trying.

Rosebud Collection said...

You did a great job with a difficult situation. It looks wonderful and I bet it tastes good too..

Hey Harriet said...

No wheat or eggs? Ever? Oh dear...that must be difficult. What you made does look quite yummy!

willow said...

Hey, it looks really scrummy! I can't imagine having to work around both wheat and eggs. You are very creative!! I'm impressed. :D

My picture over here did give me a little scare!!! ;)

fly tie said...

oooooohhh..that looks tasty. i'd said i wasn't gonna make any sweets this weekend, but now i think i'll make *something*.

i'm not allergic to them, but i don't cook with eggs. i always use vinegar as a replacer in baking. i've always been skeptical of that egg replacer stuff. i do use wheat but had said i was gonna find a replacer for that as well. it doesn't make me feel bad or anything, but i just feel like i should be using something else.

i like how crumbly that looks.

High Desert Diva said...

Fly Tie....vinegar? Talk to me...

Hey Harriet-
Nope, can't ever have them. But those aren't the worst. The worst is not being able to have chocolate. Sob.

jewelstreet said...

It sounds yummy! I've been meaning to ask and didn't know who to ask, but where do you find tapioca flour? I've never seen it anywhere.

High Desert Diva said...

I buy it locally at the health food store, but check out the Bob's Red Mill site....

Cicada Studio said...

Obviously I picked the wrong time of year to go on a diet.

April Horsman said...

That really looks yummy :) There are some great gluten free sites out there that offer desserts that rival the "real" deal!

Google, gluten free godess. I've got a few from her!

ALSO, one of my simple go-to recipes is simply chopped almonds (or if I'm lazy, buy the slivered ones) toasted in the oven at 350 until golden and smelling amazing. In the meantime, melt about 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate over a double boiler. Toss in the almonds and drop by spoonfuls onto waxed paper. Let them cool in the fridge and they make an awesome, easy gluten free treat :)

Have a great weekend!


High Desert Diva said...

Thanks April.

Sadly, I'm allergic to both almonds and chocolate.

Also, the problem I have finding gluten free recipes is the egg thing. Try baking without eggs! This powdered egg substitute is the best thing I've found. But I know there are other ways to do it....

What I really need is a gluten free/vegan site!

Debra said...

I must say it looks yummy!

Grizzly Mountain Arts said...

It looks like it would be delicious :) I can't imagine not being able to eat flour or eggs....or chocolate!! I would probably be a lot healthier if I didn't eat of them though :)

Ann said...

You're allergic to eggs? Hmmm... you are missing a lot on your breakfasts. Seriously that looks so yummy.

littlebyRD said...

This looks soooo good Charmaine!

A Cuban In London said...

Right, diva, I will have you know that I have approached the High Court of Justice of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to press charges against you and the other lady of the manor for VISUAL TEMPTATIONS! :-) I'll try to have you extradited to the UK with maximum sentence of five years during you ought to produce a variety of cakes as illustrated on both your blogs.

Forget wheat and eggs, you don't need them. My daughter is intolerant to dairy products and eggs and yet when it comes to pastries, I tuck in, too. This looks delicious.

Note to self: Present recipe in trial.

Greetings from London.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

The thighs and I are headed to London to partake in the aforementioned trial! This looks really tasty.

Mrs.French said...

this looks so yummy.

Fog and Thistle said...

Sharing this with my sister in law, who has celiac's.

High Desert Diva said...

Cuban...eep! A trial!