December 05, 2008

Festival of Trees

Saturday night is the Festival of Trees, an auction fund raiser for the
Redmond-Sisters Hospice.

I'm a member of the local Garden we decorated the tree, designed by one of our members Christine Holden.

The highest bidder on the tree also gets a flower quilt

and a tree skirt, both made by Christine Holden

and a wreath made by Faren Russell.

Here's hoping for a successful night for Hospice.

*UPDATE* Our tree raised $900 for Hospice! Yay!


Donna said...

"God bless the rulers of this house and long on may (s)he reign,
Many happy Christmases we live to see again!"
Ralph Vaughan Williams "Fantasia on Christmas Carols"
May the trees bring new hope to the sisters of the hospice and to all of you Garden ladies who helped create the beauty of Christmas

marc aurel said...

What a lovely fund raiser

willow said...

Gorgeous tree for a worthy cause!

Grizzly Mountain Arts said...

What a beautiful tree and other items! Hospice is such a wonderful service. I hope your benefit is wildly successful.

Mrs.French said...

beautiful...way to get involved in your community deary..xo

Nicole R.J. said...

What a great event... I love anything Christmas, even better when it's combined with a cause! The trees and wreaths look fabulous!

T. Kimberlyn said...

Beautiful Decorations! And such a worthy cause. Hope it did well : )

Jenn said...

How fantastic to take part in something so worthy and what a special auction, all of the items are amazingly beautiful. Let us know how it went :)