January 02, 2009

Tag! I'm it

Nina from Art Fired Up bestowed The Spreader of Love award on my blog...thank you so much!

I'm passing this award on to these bloggers:

Tea & Honey Bread
~ for the love of language
Cicada Daydream ~ for the love of following one's dream
Curly Girl Chronicles ~ for the love of jewelry making and a dog named Kana
Middle Aged Dating ~ for a hysterical look at love and online dating (plus we share the same first name...see #1 below)
You Have to be a Comedy Goddess to Endure ~ for loving the comedy that is life
Green Leaf Reviewer ~ for the love of planet Earth


I’ve been tagged by Cynthia of Oasis Writing Link to list 6 random things about myself. You all know the rules, right? Feel free to play along.

1. As a child, I detested my first name (no, no, not Diva…Charmaine). I wanted to be named something normal: Judy or Michelle. When I was in grade school, there was a heavy TV advertising campaign for Charmin toilet paper. The tag line was: Please don’t squeeze the Charmin! Consider the glee of eight year-old boys when handed this line and imagine the teasing that ensued.

2. I consider asparagus to be one of the most vile tasting foods on the planet.

3. In 1992 I was in a multiple car accident. My car was totaled, I had my first (and only) ambulance ride, and (surprisingly) I managed to walk out of the hospital without any broken bones.

4. My sisters and I are all one year apart in age. Think about that…then imagine the teenage years and all the hormones floating around. Not so much fun. I didn’t think I even liked my sisters until something devastating happened to one of them and I thought my heart was going to break. Love does run deep.

5. Speaking of love, I’m so glad we adopted our cat, Cammie and our dog, Trux! You all need to see more pictures of them, right?

6. I had long hair for most of my life, but am really enjoying the freedom of a short, flippy/messy haircut...very liberating.

Now it's your turn!


Cynthia said...

Cute, touching and funny! My 3sisters and brother are a year (or a year and a half) apart. I completely understand your childhood angst. All the girls are named Sue- in the middle-after our mother. We were sometimes cruel to our youngest brother, we'd call him Regina Sue (a little modification of his first name). Diva, the big D, Charlie, Charlotte, Cher...all possibilities but I think Charmaine is quite an elegant name for this elegant blogger! Thanks for responding to my TAG. BTW is Cammie named after you?

High Desert Diva said...

We adopted both our pets and kept the names they were given.

LazyTcrochet said...

I love your name Charmaine. I never liked my name because I was always, and still am, called Pat instead of Tricia. I detested Patty LOL. I think I wanted to be Linda.
Happy new year!

willow said...

Poor you and the TP!

jewelstreet said...

Happy New Year! Long time no see. I love when people are tagged, and I get to know a little more about them.

I like unusual names. Mine was one of the most popular names when I was born. The only thing I liked about it was the spelling. I think most of us go through those moments of disliking our names.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Asparagus is edible?! Imagine that! :D

Thanks for the award, you rock!

Rosebud Collection said...

Always enjoy reading a tag..I find it very interesting..Of course, some might say I am "nosy"..but I really am not..

Lisa B. said...

I always enjoy reading the random things. I thought lima beans were the most vile tasting food?! lol.

Linda Sue said...

LOVE your pooch and your little calico kitty- such a big doggy smile! That photo makes my day!
Agree with WILLOW- poor you and Charmin, Mr. Wipple- ouch!

Curly Girl Glass said...

I'm honored for the award!

Kids are mean. No way around it. I was tortured too. But, I have the unconditional love of my girl Kana (if not my sister...).

BaldyLocks said...

I'm checking out that middle age dating blog. Now I can live vicariously through her instead of trying it on my own! Thanks for the link.

BaldyLocks said...

I got so excited about the dating blog that I forgot to read the rest of your post!

Your hair is fab, short and flippy. I can relate to hating your name. Luckily Charmaine is a really beautiful name (the TP commercials were very unfortunate). I had people belting out the song Roxanne to me since I was in grade 2, even thought that's not my name. People still call me that. I absolutely detest my name and refuse to give it out unless I have to. Adding my last name makes things even worse.

Two weeks ago I finally decided to change it :) I'm very happy!

High Desert Diva said...

Ok.....now I'm dying to know what you changed your name to!

Claire, said...

Wonderful list! I really love it!! And I would love to see more pictures of Cammie and trux. Adorable.

BaldyLocks said...

I sent you an Etsy convo ;)

Cecile/DreamCreateRepeat said...

Our poor parents naming us! My first name is perfectly cute (Wendy) and for me that was the problem. I didn't want "cute", hating being the good little witch, and wanted sophisticated or unique.

So I started using my middle name in college, which I think suits me better: Cecile. Of course, now I am always spelling and correcting mispronunciations! : )

Thanks for the link...

Mrs.French said...

Congrats on your well deserved award and I love your short flippy do too...xo

Charmaine said...

Thanks for the award!! (deep courtsy...crashes onto floor)

I remember at 12 getting called over the school speaker to the pricipals office after rich the announcer said, Oh and please don't squeeze the Charmin) to the entire school. ahhhh

But I liked having a name was different. Nowdays, however, over the phone people think I'm African American.

This will cure you of your hatred for asparagas. Roast it. Put it on a baking sheet, drizzle with olive oil, toss and TONS of salt an pepper and roast for 10 minutes. It's MUCH better then steamed.

shiborigirl said...

Congratulations on the award.

It was nice to learn a bit about you through your tagging facts.

I love short hair! I'm never letting mine grow out again.


Victoria said...

Congrats on your award!
God bless your father on living in a house with all of those teenage female hormones raging! My dad only had 2 daughters, but still at times jokingly lamented over the fact that even the dog was female!
Also, great short do!

Jeanne said...

My birthday is really close to Valentine's Day, and my mom always told me that if I'd been born on the actual day, they'd planned to name me Valentina. Which probably accounts for why I've always liked the name I did get.

Great do, by the way.

High Desert Diva said...


I can't believe the school announcer did that!

No...the aspargus thing won't work. My friend LJ (a cooking genius) tried that with me, too. He assured me I'd like it cooked that way. I bravely took a bite, made a (horribly contorted) face, so he handed me a paper towel into which I immediately spat the foul (evil) veggie, then commenced scrubbing my tongue to try to remove the flavor. *shudders*

Comedy Goddess said...

Diva, my Diva: Thank you for the award!
I am in my own selection process now, and writing the six things.
Your hair looks great, btw.

My {S.T.U.F.F.} :: said...


I {heart} the list:D, especially the 'Charman'...brings back memories...

P.S.::Vintage Indie is in search of great vintage items for submission into their magazine. {That sounds like items that would be yours...}

heres the link::

P.S.S.:: Let me know how it goes...

Pechima said...

Thank you so much my friend! :))And now my translator is back again too.
Felt so sorry for my friend so I cried many hours yesterday. My god, my heart will break when I have to take that decision for my own pets. :((
Wish you a wonderful saturday togheter with Cammie and Trux!!!

Rick said...

Hello Desert Diva, Please forgive me for being so bold, but I am doing a bit of blog surf to invite people to sign up for my giveaway. There are no gimmicks. This is just my way of celebrating two years of blogging. On January 4th I am giving away a free caricature drawn by me. I'd be honored if you came by and signed up for a chance to win.

Jenn said...

Hey thanks for the lovely award! I will be putting it up on GLR when I update later :) So very sweet of you Charmaine!

Its funny, I was never happy with my name either because it is so plain. Thought about changing it but decided to live with it instead. If we knew each other when we might have traded :)

Love the haircut too! Short hair is just so much easier!

Hey Harriet said...

Congrats on the award! I really enjoyed your tag answers. I'm not a big fan of asparagus either.

fly tie said...

i'm a fan of short, flippy, messy hair, and yes...we do need to see ore pics of the pets!

XUE said...

Love yr name as I don't know any other Charmaine so that makes you even more special. I do remember that ad! I think you suit that stylish hairdo. I'm embaressed to say that I'm too chicken to try out new looks - I've had the same old straight long hair (till waist) for years!

Country Girl said...

Yes, that Trux is stunning!!