June 05, 2009

Fun filled weekend

Real friends meet virtual friends this weekend. 
I love blogging. Such great connections.  

Mark & I met Suzanne & Scotty in March when we drove up for Sweet on Spring.  This time I'm hooking up with friends from my former hometown of Silverton: Georgia, Paige & DeeDee.  We're traveling to Pullman to attend Art in the Garden.

And since we'll be in the general area, 
we can't pass up the opportunity to visit 

where we'll run into some other friends: 
who all have booths at the show

and somehow, amongst the crowd of thousands, I intend to find Rebekah & Brooke!  They'll be there shopping and having fun.  Can't wait to find them!

Photo: Rebekah Dortmund


Sweet Repose said...

You are definitely getting your summer going...and what a great group to meet, would love to meet those crazy Farmhouse boyz...have a great trip, lots of pics please!!!

Golden West said...

Sounds like a shopper's dream - and it's always fun to see what other people are making.

A Cuban In London said...

That last photo says it all, diva. It's such a great display of humour and blitheness. Many thanks. Have a fab time.

Greetings from London.

Cecile/DreamCreateRepeat said...

Enjoy the wonderful outing!

vicki archer said...

Have fun, xv.

shiborigirl said...

What a wonderful way to spend a weekend! Your friends look like tons of fun... Have a fabulous time!


T.Allen-Mercado said...

You're living it up-good for you! I'm excited just thinking about it all, take lots of pictures!

Robynn's Ravings said...

How fun is all this?! Love meeting bloggy friends!

Victoria said...


Jeanne said...

When blogworld and real world collide, who can say what might happen?