June 01, 2009

Road trip

Yep...that's right...I'm planning another road trip to Pullman, Washington to visit Living in the Garden. This trip will be with some girlfriends from my former hometown of Silverton. We leave Friday....and guess what? Pullman is just south of Spokane, so we're going to Farm Chicks, too!

photo-Living in the Gardens

Photo - Carla Wesson

The nursery will be featuring Art in the Garden

Horticulture will meet Art at Living in the Garden's 2nd Annual "Art in the Garden" event. 

Saturday, June 6th
9:30 a.m.— 5:30 p.m. 
601 Reid Road, Pullman
2 miles North of Pullman off the Palouse Highway

Meet local artists demonstrating their technique and selling their wares in our inspirational display gardens. In addition, the Palouse Women Artists will be highlighting the event with their "Madam Chair Project". Each member has put her unique spin on the ubiquitous chair, displaying them in unique fashion you won't find in any walled gallery. Show your support for local art and join us for this colorful (in every sense of the word) event.
One of the booths I'll be tracking down at Farm Chicks is Carla Wesson's Perpetual Pillows.  She's recently added some great bags to her line.  Can't wait to see them!

Photos - Perpetual Pillows


littlebyrd said...

Lets keep on the look out for each other - ok? Would love to see you!

Helen said...

Talked about you on Saturday at Royal T!!!!! Good things.

M.Kate said...

I love that bag and any garden is a great place to visit. Enjoy your trip...hugs for the week..:P

Brighid said...

Looks like your in for a fun road trip. Waaaaahooo

Golden West said...

Sounds like a great time - have a blast! Shopping rules!

Debra said...

Oh what fun. You're so lucky-wish I were closer!

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Now I wouldn't mind being a lot closer to attend. I love that kind of shopping and the pillows are awesome!

perpetualpillows.com said...

You are awesome, Charmaine! Can't wait to see you at Farm Chicks. Have a fun time on the road!

Jenn said...

Wow awesome, have a marvelous time and can't wait to see the lovely pillows, or maybe a great bag, you pick up!

Cicada Studio said...

I wanna come!

Cathe Holden said...


Have a wonderful time!

(Hey! That is MY logo truck!!!)

fly tie said...

what beautifully lush greenery.

yay for travel! :-D

Donna Pizzi said...

Buon viaggio! You bon vivant traveler you (to mix languages).

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Girlfriends and greenery...fun times. Have a wonderful trip! (You're on a roll!)

High Desert Diva said...

It does look a lot like your logo truck. This is the real, live version parked down at the end of the country road so everyone can easily find the place!

Living in the Garden said...

thank you so much Charmaine, The Madam
Chairs got dropped off today and they are very cool.

I can't wait until Saturday- it is going to be a blast.
I am glad you all are going onto Farm Chicks, I wish oh wish I could be 2 places at once.

enjoy your journey

Hey Harriet said...

Oooh road trips are fun! Hope you and your friends have a super time and I look forward to seeing the pics!