June 17, 2009

White, a meme

My sister-in-law, Kathleen,
has started a White Wednesday meme
on her blog, Faded Charm

I'm recycling this post to get started..next week's will be fresh!

Seventeen years ago, I received three white ironstone pitchers as wedding shower gifts and a collection was born. We bought an antique pitcher on our honeymoon, adding our style to the mix. Every addition since, has been an antique.

Even though I stopped adding to the collection years ago (really, how many pitchers does one need?) I still love the simple lines, variety of shapes and overall look. Plus, they're damn handy when one needs a vase!

There are others that aren't shown here...our house in the desert doesn't have the same display area as our former cottage.


Something about me. Read if you care, skip if you don't... said...

Love the pictures. They inspire me to dig out my grandmothers pitchers for display. thanks~

larkspur said...

I gathered all my various creme ware pitchers, pots, etc. and stashed them on the tippy-top shelf of the kitchen cupboards. Now when I open the doors, they always provide a little eye candy. And just a step stool away for those impromptu bouquets from the garden!
I love the foto of your old cottage!

Cecile/DreamCreateRepeat said...

Grandma's big ole' white ironstone pitcher is on display in my kitchen and gets used regularly for iced tea during the summer. Love your collection!

Golden West said...

I'm a big fan of ironstone, transferware, majolica, flow blue... It's nice to use what you've got every day, rather than waiting for random special events.