October 08, 2009


One of my favorite vintage furniture stores is going out of business due to the recession. RD Steeves Imports is having a clearance on their remaining stock. If you're anywhere near...run over and snatch something up before its too late!

A sampling of furniture we've bought over the years, and repurposed into something new:

Oak armoire to linen closet

Walnut wardrobe to coat closet/ironing center

Oak buffet/sideboard to master bathroom sink cabinet
Photo: Philip Clayton-Thompson, Blackstone Edge Studios

and at our old house
oak sideboards set into the attic wall for extra storage
Photo: Timothy J. Gonzales for The Statesman Journal


Lori said...

The storage idea is amazing and I'm drooling over the sideboard vanity in the bath.
Welcome back! Missed you.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Very nice!

Golden West said...

The ironing center is super clever, Charmaine!

Sweet Repose said...

Love to re-purpose...that big black piece on the blog sold today...yippee, bought for $45.00, sold $600.00...love it when that happens!!!

willow said...

I hate to see my favorite stores go under. But I always love a good sale! Love your pieces!

M.Kate said...

You really are very talented, it makes me think many times more before I throw anything away...and people here always throw stuff away..happy weekend Charmaine..hugs/m

Charmaine said...

I'm in love with your master bath.

Curly Girl Glass said...

Amazing as always Mz. C! I just bought a house (you would have a field day with) and have EXACTLY the buffet or dresser to bathroom vanity idea I want to implement. Thanks for the inspirations!