November 03, 2009

What do you see?

We all see things differently...especially with art.

Karine Swenson a blogger from Joshua Tree, California, posts about her art and life in the high desert. In a recent contest, she asked for help naming her new diptych (picture the paintings below side by side).

What do you see?

I see autumnal reflections in calm water...
my title suggestion of:

Lake Reflections, Autumn

was the winner of this contest and this quail linocut:

Thanks Karine!


willow said...

You lucky duck!! Love-love the quails.

Golden West said...

Well done, Charmaine!

32˙North said...

Great suggestion, Charmaine! Love your prize.

Karine said...

thank you for the nice post, Charmaine, and congrats!