December 06, 2009

Christmas dresses

Rockin' the go-go boots

The Four C's
Chantele, Charmaine, Cherise, Cherelle


Victoria said...


Anonymous said...

you go girl! cute pictures too!

La Petite Gallery said...

Oh ! do the GO GO Boots make me
think of my darling Daughter she was 10 years old and flew from Houston
to New Orleans. All in a Red Leather coat and white GoGo's
Just adorable. We took her to the Race Track. We had PULL then..

fly tie said...


i love seeing little girls in fancy, up-to-the-knee boots. makes me smile everytime.

such great photos.

Golden West said...

Looks like your mom had her hands full!

Anonymous said...

Totally digging those patent leather go go boots!

LynnW said...

How adorable and 'au courant'!

The Four C's is a cool name for a retro girl group!

32˙North said...

GREAT boots!

Country Girl said...

Absolutely adorable.

I had a pair of white go go boots that my father bought for me. Boy, was my mother pissed about that! She sent us to the shoe store for practical school shoes. I loved my father for getting me those boots!

Nicole R.J. said...

Oh, I love your matching dresses - and those boots! Ah! So much better than matching your younger brother I can say from expierence! ;)