December 27, 2009

The Drive

I don't know how many times we've made the drive over the mountain (to the valley where our families reside) since we moved to the high desert...a hundred? More? Every time we make this drive, it looks different. Familiar places, ever changing.

Starting out, close to home; freezing fog crystalizes the trees.

The summit - blue sky!

Hoodoo ski area - not much snow this year

The burn -

Lost Lake covered in snow -

The lava flow under snow -

Low clouds near Idanha -

Photos through the windshield and side windows...
gotta love 'em!


Golden West said...

You captured some really good shots - the one with the low clouds is striking!

littlebyrd said...

love 'em! I hope you had a great Christmas!!

Sweet Repose said...

So often my window shots are blurred by nose prints, but I guess that's half the charm of a dog owner...right...not to mention finding bones from the bank buried in the seats...ha!

Your making me miss Colorado, what great trips to the high country we used to lava flow!

Kate T. said...

How wonderful to have such beautiful sights on a long drive. Just gorgeous... makes me want to travel. :)

Happy New Year!


Helen said...

Hi there! It's amazing how very familiar your photos are and like you I never tire of the scenery. I loved your sisters picture and the cocktail party post! Safe travels and happy new year!

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Yet another reason why I'll likely never drive...the scenery is just far too breathtaking to have to focus on the road! Beautiful photos, that shot of the fog crystallized on the trees is frame-worthy.

La Petite Gallery said...

I hate to drive. That is like a tour. Beautiful.
Some trip..
Happy Nwe Year

Brighid said...

Love road trips, but I'm always the one driving, so your pictures are twice as nice to me. Thanks for sharing.

marc aurel said...

I'd like to borrow the pictures of roads straight ahead for my "Roads and rocks" blog. Would you mind?