January 13, 2010

What I'm reading

Set in medieval Cambridge, this is a tale of a female Italian doctor (medical examiner) who is sent to England by the King of Sicily to investigate a series of murders. From the website: In a backward and superstitious country like England, Adelia faces danger at every turn. As she examines the victims and retraces their last steps, Adelia must conceal her true identity in order to avoid accusations of witchcraft.

I enjoyed this so much, I've now moved on to the second in the series, A Serpent's Tale.

Read anything good lately?


Golden West said...

Thanks for the recommendation - I love historical novels. BTW, I put up a picture on my blog today - inspired by you - although I must say, there's a difference in styles between city and high desert divas!

La Petite Gallery said...

Thanks for the info. Sounds like I could get into that.


Sweet Repose said...

I wish I had time to read, I miss it!!!

Your reason for moving was exactly the reason I moved from Colorado back to Iowa. When I first moved there it took me ten minutes to get to work, then when the decision to move came, it took 45 minutes...PEOPLE...nothing ruins the sounds of the wilderness more than the whine of a school bus driving past your home...argh!!!

Victoria said...

These look good. Would love to sit down with a great read, but my mind seems to be having a hard time keeping quiet lately. It chatters on so much I can't concentrate on the page.

Faded Charm said...

I actually just finished "The Time Travler's Wife". I wanted to read it before the movie comes out on DVD since I didn't make it to the theatres. Hope you guys are staying warm.

Take care,


donna pizzi said...

Sounds so intriguing. Did it make you want to visit Sicily next time you trek to Italia? As I mentioned, I'm disappointed (highly) in Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver... Great subject, but the POV of the narrator makes everything seem too distant, and the pace just doesn't have that "can't put it down" feel from her great "Prodigal Summer."

Nicole R.J. said...

Sounds like a great read! I'm off to check my local library catalog!

Karine said...

Oh good, another couple of books for my reading list! Thanks.

I just finished reading Nadine Gordimer's short stories, and now I am reading Daughter of Fortune, by Isabelle Allende.