February 09, 2010

Monday's hike

We drove out Peninsula to hike along the rim of Crooked River Canyon on Monday. Since I didn't bring my waders, we turned around and drove to Deschutes Canyon instead.

Living between these two canyons is convenient for hiking.
One never has to go too far for spectacular scenery.

A nice, dry trail.

The Deschutes.
Trux is always so happy to be off leash.
Nothing like a smiling dog.


Anonymous said...

gorgeous photos Charmaine! Your pooch looks pretty happy there too!

Golden West said...

Things are noticeably greening up since your last hike - your countryside is really beautiful!

Sweet Repose said...

SIGH...you know what I miss...Trux is such a handsome dude...no wonder Scratchy sighs too...

Loved the Little Bird blog!

Anonymous said...

And look at that blue sky too! Send it my way, would ya!


T.Allen-Mercado said...

That's a big smile! Haha, Trux is super cute.