March 10, 2010

Exploring Palouse

The road from Pullman to Palouse
Eastern Washington.

a bit blurry...I'll think of this as an impressionist photo

Tile detail outside The Green Frog, a deli.

Loved the old sliding door and hardware on the outside of this building. What do you suppose the door was for? It is up about 15 feet from the ground.
And the detail on this former bank.


Golden West said...

That is some beautiful countryside, Charmaine, rolling hills and wide open fields. That poppy tile work is fantastic - really well done.

High Desert Diva said...

We were told that the tile artist was a woman in her 70's. She certainly knew what she was doing. Hard to tell in the photo, but the mini tiles in the center of the sunflower are metallic. Beautiful work.

M.Kate said...

Some interesting shots you have here. Happy week..or weekend soon :)

32˙North said...

How cool are those mosaic flowers?