March 04, 2010

Sweet on Spring

photo blatantly stolen from Suzanne's blog

Getting excited! We leave for our road trip tomorrow to the Sweet on Spring sale AND we get to visit blog friends Suzanne & Carla (and their hubbies).

Here they are last summer when they came to visit me...

How many of your favorite bloggers have you had the opportunity to meet in person? Thinking back on it, I've actually been lucky enough to meet quite a few. But I'd like to meet so many more. Michelle: all of our e-mails back and forth aren't enough! Tameka: we're not that far away. Why is it that the state that is a half-way point for both of us, has to be Nevada? M.Kate: you know I want to visit Malaysia. Willow: I'd like to see the Manor, and hit all your favorite second-hand book stores. Sharon of the Pink Chateau: a junking trip with you would be so much fun! And all the rest of you...GW: showing so many photos of the ocean and getting me through long high desert winters. Many thanks for opening up the world to me.


Sweet Repose said...

I'm gittin' itchy trigger fingers, if only these mountains of snow would disappear!!!

Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!

M.Kate said...

Hey you beautiful :) Yes, I am so wanting to go to the US! I met a French blogger this week, our 3rd meeting and celebrating our 3rd year of blogger..sort of. It's super fun when we met and so looking forward to doing it again which we will as she's staying here. I can certainly imagine you and Sharon going junking together and when I am there, I'd like to camp on the trailer or that mobile van of yours - never done that before in my life :) Happy weekend Charmaine :)

Golden West said...

Have a wonderful time, Charmaine! Nothing like a good road trip, that's for sure. Take lots of pictures!