April 02, 2010


The latest on the prefab market from a Seattle design company.

See the slideshow here

From the website: FabCab is a new venture that has been started for the purpose of creating and selling pre-fabricated and kit-built environmentally-friendly dwellings.



Golden West said...

So good to see what's happening in the pre fab world - makes owning a home more affordable. Thanks for the heads up!

32˙North said...

OMG! I'm ready to get one! Everything about it is out of sight!

Teri and the cats of Furrydance said...

I have been lusting over these mod homes...wonder if I'll ever have one...maybe at retirement time?

Helen said...

Just wind me up, point me in the right direction and let me live out the rest of my days in a dream cabin like this. I would opt for the medium or even the large size and love how it was described by one person as her 'sacred space.' Thank you, thank you for showing this to all of us!