April 06, 2010

Field trip

Yesterday, we stopped by the R.S. Stapleton Company Showroom to see the display of Mark's ironwork handles.

The company is owned by my friend Elena and her husband Scott. The cabinetry is built by Scott while Elena does custom paint finishes. She also recently took a class on applying a cement product as a countertop. She's showing off some sample boards here:

I loved the finished product.
New fave countertop.
Elena also creatively used picture molding trim as the finish pieces atop the backsplash. Adore this look.


Golden West said...

Some concrete countertops can even be poured in place - pretty amazing! I like the look, too, and so practical!

Carla said...

Beautiful work all around!

willow said...

Oh, gosh, it's cool!! It would be perfect in the manor! How does it compare to all the posh stuff price wise?

Jenn said...

Do you know if it was RS Kote she tried out? That is a gorgeous countertop & beautiful samples. Plus the cabinetry finishes are to die for.

All brought to life by Mark's ironwork of course. Right on for the showroom display!