May 14, 2010

New York whirlwind trip

Flying in to New York City

Meeting three women I didn't know (Stephanie, Emily and Chelsea) for a whirlwind trip.
Our NY nickname
Looking outside our apartment in the Chelsea neighborhood

Chelsea and Emily
Emily's movie star pose

Outside our apartment
Emily and Stephanie at Cuba Cafe
Being in New York was a great opportunity to meet blog friends. Michelle and Rachel rode the train in from New Jersey to meet me at Cuba Cafe. I've been corresponding with them for 3 years. So glad to have the chance to meet them in person! I wish the photo had turned out better.

And then we went to the Trailer Park bar...
Emily and Stephanie G. eyeing the decor
Note the mannequin inside the trailer...
Fun trip!


chelsea said...

Soooooo Much FUN! Let's do that again sometime!

Donna Pizzi said...

Want to hear more, more, more!

Rosebud Collection said...

What a fun trip..Glad you got to meet some blog friends..

Golden West said...

Looks like a totally fun group of gals. What a grand adventure!

Paula Scott said...

How cool is that to meet up with blog friends? Looks like it was FUN!

Anonymous said...

I loved meeting you in the flesh Charmaine. Next time, spend a few extra days on the east coast so we can get you out to NJ! It's not what you might think!

Anonymous said...

What a cool cafe, and how neat to meet blog friends in person, yay!