May 19, 2010

Odd title

I'm finding this book quite engrossing.
The art of letter writing...quite a skill.


T.Allen-Mercado said...

The book looks like an interesting read. I read many of the books in the "Customers also bought" section. You'll have to review it when you're done.

Donna Pizzi said...

Did I tell you about my connection to this wonderful epistolary book? Linda Balta gave it to me with a glowing recommendation. Read it in a wink on the way to DC. I love the "story" behind the story of Mary Ann Shaffer having been disappointed during her research on Scott's wife and deciding to go to the Channel Islands, where she was stuck in fog and read everything at the airport bookshop, which happened to be about the invasion of the Channel Islands during WWII. Took her 20 years to complete; then her niece had to do rewrites, as she was terminally ill. A story in itself.

picciolo said...

I read this book not long ago and really enjoyed it, it gets more and more engrossing as you go along!
: )

Gerry said...

I've put this one on hold at our local library. Can't wait 'til I get a hold of it.
Thanks for the suggestion.
Hugs & ♥♥♥s,

Anonymous said...

Yes Charmaine; it's such a good book. The story's characters and the detail facinated.
I certainly hope that I get to visit the Channel Islands one day!
If not, I almost feel that I've been there.

This month for book club, we're reading- The Help; another book to highly recommend!

Hugs to my most stylish friend,