May 11, 2010

What to New York City

image from Wikipedia

The Met?

Central Park?

Times Square?

Statue of Liberty?

Empire State Building?


So much to see, so little time!


I can't believe it. I'm in New York City and I've got the yucks. Not feeling well enough to explore the city. Hoping to bounce back in time for the Christopher Walken play tonight.


Michelle Engel Bencsko said...

NO to TImes Square!

It was great seeing you in real life Charmaine! Wishing you could be here longer so we could spend more time together. Next time!

Helen said...

Hi! My daughter-in-law is in NYC on business this week ... she is going for a run in Central Park today. You may pass her and never know it .....

Carla said...

The Met, Broadway, Statue of Liberty--yes! All so fun! In fact, whatever you do, it will be fun, or at the very least, an interesting experience.

Rosebud Collection said...

Years ago..we were visiting my mom on Long Island and too youngest daughter to China that was fun..