June 08, 2010


skies had me smilin' yesterday...

until Cammie flipped her litter box.

Since we're not evil pet owners,
she was soon tentatively exploring the outdoors...

(She's an old indoor cat, and the outdoors is somewhat scary to her. She likes to be with us though, and since we spent a good part of yesterday on the deck enjoying the sunshine, she was outside, too.)

Until she exhausted herself and fell asleep on my lap.
Trux crashed out, too.


Jodie said...

I love this post....brought a smile to my dial. Despite the upturned litter tray! Ha!

Golden West said...

I see some color survived the marauding, voracious deer!

My neighbors have two indoor cats who spend their days staring out the screen door at the field where the neighborhood cats gather to hunt gophers.

Love that last picture of your cat resting from all the excitement.