June 30, 2010


I just finished a charity design project full of collaborators. The High Desert Design Council, specifically Mindy Lyman & Martha Murray, plus a handful of wonderfully talented volunteers and generous business owners, transformed the great room/kitchen of a women's and children's shelter.

We only had one week. And we had zero budget.

Amazing what can be done when people come together.

The biggest visual impact came from paint. Such a simple thing, really. But the WOW factor definitely comes into play when two gorgeous color are paired. No more white walls!
See more images here.
Huge thanks to Yolo Colorhouse for donating ALL the wall paint.


Golden West said...


Carla said...

What a great transformation and demonstration of the impact of color! And what a worthy effort on the part of everyone involved.

Beth said...

Those colors are actually my ceiling (blue) and walls (green) in my craft room :) Great choices!

Angela said...

My favorite color scheme! Who ever said blue and green shouldn't be seen is completely nuts!
Fantastic makeover, thanks for sharing.

Hey Harriet said...

I just love what you guys have done here! Bravo!

Donna Pizzi said...

As I said on HDDC, i was proud to be a SMALL contributor to this exciting project, and proud of what you and your team achieved. The vibes from the makeover are surely bringing happiness to all who pass through those colorful walls. Yolo paint rocks!