June 17, 2010

Wintercreek Nursery, part two

Inspiration in a waterfall.
Vertical gardens.

Small garden shop.

I like the willow branch fence.
Succulent planters.

All that garden goodness made me want to get out and plant!


Golden West said...

HI Charmaine,

That vertical garden and the planted boulder are fantastic!

I didn't know that Chelsea built the website for her dad - what a great job she did! Thanks for reminding me to link to it - thought I had and overlooked it.

chelsea said...

Oh this looks like a little wonderland and makes me really miss owning a house. Guess I'll have to wait until that French chateau is MINE! Love the vertical garden!

willow said...

Fun! We have an extra cool nursery up the road from us with all kinds of neat things to browse. In fact, I need to visit soon!

Carla said...

I LOVE the vertical garden filled with sedums! Sedums are so versatile, colorful and easy. Some wonderful inspiration in those photos.