July 08, 2010

Walk into my parlor

...said the spider to the fly.

A Hobbit house at the Oregon Garden.
Lily pads and a place to rest weary feet.
A green roof gasping for breath in 97 degree heat.
Weird plant.
Other side of Hobbit house.

It is always interesting to view a place one has seen over and over, with the fresh eyes of one who has never experienced it. I walked through the oak grove at the Oregon Garden for the first time in 10 years. The children's garden is always a visual delight with weird plants, animal shaped topiaries, clay pot figurines and buried dinosaur (!) bones. But this was the first time I remember seeing the Hobbit house. How could I have missed it before?


Donna Pizzi said...

I didn't realize it had been around that long - 10 years. Thanks for the peek in the Hobbit Land!

High Desert Diva said...

A bit longer than that, actually. Here's a link to the timeline:

I just had not walked through the oak grove in a while.

Golden West said...

Interesting to see bamboo growing in Oregon - it had never crossed my mind, as I always think of Oregon and pine trees...

High Desert Diva said...

My friend and I were just discussing bamboo....wishing we could grow it here in the high desert. It won't winter over....

Interestingly, I always think of fir trees/Oregon. Pine trees grow in Central OR in the higher elevations. (for instance, we're at 3000 feet and are in the middle of a juniper forest - no pines, but nearby towns: Bend, Sisters have a plethora of pine as they are at a higher elevation.) Firs are abundant in the Willamette Valley where I grew up, and in the coastal mountains/towns.

This post shows the changing landscape

32˙North said...

I LOVE that bamboo! Would love to have some in my garden, but can't ever find any that's not raggedy. That looks like a prime specimen.

Paula Scott said...

What FUN! A Hobbit House! And, such a wonderful garden full of surprises that delight.

Living in the Garden said...

Hi Charmaine,
thanks for the press!
It was a beautiful event! in every way.

I am ready to go Oregon Garden (ing) again.
It's been at least 6 years and I see I need to go again.
How were your accommodations?