February 14, 2008

Blog Photopalooza

Just for fun, I've joined the Blog Photopalooza started by Wall Candy. See her photo here. A random photo a day for the next two weeks.

I'll start off with one of me, so you'll know who you're dealing with. Taken last year on my 40th birthday cruise with my girlfriends.


Claire said...

What a great photo! You've got a great blog here- love all the quotes.
Thank you for stopping by my blog, as well!

BaldyLocks said...

What a gorgeous photo!

High Desert Diva said...


I have to say, there was a stunned silence amongst my girlfriends as we looked at Diana's camera after she took this picture. (This is VERY flattering) Diana immediately became our vacation photographer after that!

Cicada Studio said...

The vacation agreed with you- you look radiant! (or is that the margarita? ;p) You can't get something on camera that doesn't exist somehow, so she got ya at the right moment- that probably happens more often than you're aware.