November 24, 2009

Putting it together

We have company coming for Thanksgiving....actually, they all arrive Wednesday. Problem: our dining table seats 4, and I only have 6 place settings. There will be 10 of us for dinner...the scramble is on! 

Folding table brought in, 3 tablecloths, a mix of chairs, dishes, silverware and glasses. I also decided I wanted to use chargers, but only had 6, so I improvised.  Last year, my friend Karen sent me this album:

I borrowed a couple pages out of it,

traced a pattern from my other charger,

and created my own.  
(Technically, these might be placemats...but I'm going with charger)

I like the mix of glitz: silver tray, glass candlesticks, depression glass pedestal cake plate and beaded garland, with the slightly decrepit: rusted film reels salvaged from the metal scrap yard and used under tea lights, a bronze gear with a wonderful verdi gris finish that just happens to coordinate with the homemade chargers and one of the leaf colors in my autumnal dishes.  

Pinecones used as place card holders...I think I'm set!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Carla said...

Happy, happy Thanksgiving to you, Charmaine and Mark! Enjoy your company--they will love your festive table...and the gift of you in their lives.

32˙North said...

Very awesome! Happy Thanksgiving!

Faded Charm said...

Looks fabulous! Very festive and I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Sorry we won't see you guys.

Happy Thanksgiving.


fly tie said...

this is all so pretty!

Sweet Repose said...


Talked to a gal the other day at Sisters', she was buying transferware bowls and was looking for ideas for her Thanksgiving feast.

I told her at my house I use old china pie plates to eat off of...she loved the idea and just happened to have a collection of them, so is going to use the idea for her ol' timey country table...not for everyone for sure, but at this stage of the game...who cares!!!

...and you can really pile on the goodies without worry of spilling the gravy...ha!

Have a great one too Trux!!!

High Desert Diva said...

Ha! Love that idea Sharon!

Golden West said...

Love the little rosebuds on your tablecloth - everything looks beautiful! Happy Thanksgiving, Charmaine, to you and yours.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Oh your table is beautiful, Charmaine! Happy Thanksgiving to you, Mark, Cammie and Trux.

Victoria said...

Beautiful and brilliant! Happy Thanksgiving!

M.Kate said...

I think there is a should be 11..I am coming over ;)
Happy thanksgiving ...

Jenn said...

You always have the most gorgeously creative solutions to any problem. What a beautiful table! I hope your Thanksgiving was fabulous :-)