December 15, 2009

Photos that reach out and grab you

Scotty Thompson, part of the creative duo at Living in the Gardens, has started a photo blog.

Bright color for winter doldrums...

and photos that make you look twice.
I saw the ocean when I first looked at this photo.
(maybe I'm projecting...)

I sit listening
To the surf as it falls.
The power and inexhaustible freshness of the sea,
The suck and inner boom
As a wave tears free and crashes back
In overlapping thunders going away down the beach.
It is the most we know of time,
And it is our undermusic of eternity.

~ part 4 of Spindrift by Galway Kinnell

In reality, it is fields in Eastern Washington.
Just beautiful.

For more of Scotty's work, click here


La Petite Gallery said...

Those hens and chickens do turn colors. That is so pretty
I see the ocean too,


Lori said...

Oh my! I thought it was the ocean too! Beautiful.

Living in the Garden said...

thanks Charmaine. I've lived on the Palouse all my life and I am amazed at the Palouse his eyes see..

Golden West said...

Lovely photos - they've really worked some magic with their garden shop, too.

Sweet Repose said...

Love the rainbow hues of the's so cold here right now, I'm becoming best friends again with my if I could just find one for the toilet seat!!!

High Desert Diva said...

Golden West,
Best garden shop I've ever been to! Can't wait for our next trip to Eastern WA to visit.

32˙North said...

I saw the ocean, too.

scotty said...

Charmaine, Your mention of my photos in your blog has sent my viewer activity to over 300/day. To think only a week ago I didn't even have a blog. Can't wait to see you in the spring. Happy Solstice, scotty