December 16, 2009

Reusing vintage linens

This idea isn't new, but it's a good example of what old linens (you know the ones, they're stained and torn, but the lace is so beautiful you can't throw 'em away) can be made into.

My sister-in-law, Nancy, made me this tiny stocking with old linen, lace and buttons.


32˙North said...

Old linens. Man, do I ever know those! I've tried to get rid of them a million times but can't. Now I'll feel OK about cutting the good part off!

shibori girl said...

Such a good idea. I've not been able to get to the cut-them-up stage though. A little "niggle" of trepidation always stops me. Maybe I should send them to you to cut up for me? :D


Jenny said...

That's so lovely!

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Terrific Idea!! Sometimes our old linens are not good enough to use but too beautiful to part with - and usually there are areas that are less worn than others that can be recycled like this.

La Petite Gallery said...

I know this sounds crazy.
I have tons of new Towels.

For some reason I will not throw away 2 towels. They are so soft
so old. Maybe it's my skin is old
and they get along together.
I still have old linnen my Mother had Table cloths hand made with
cut work and fringe.


willow said...

Oh, I have some of those old linens! Lovely idea.

Golden West said...