May 23, 2010

New Flooring

One of my favorite, new-to-me products is Bamboo Chilewich. I decided to use it in our camp trailer to cover up the white vinyl floor. (White flooring anywhere, most especially in a recreational vehicle, is ill-conceived.)

Roughing out the template
Trux: supervising (or sleeping on the job)
First fitting
So glad to get rid of the white floor. Talk about inconvenient for camping. It was impossible to keep clean. This flooring, on the other hand, is not only cushioned which will make the camp trailer floor much warmer, but the color and texture are sure to cover up practically anything that is tracked in. And the best part? I can take it out and hose it off. We laid it directly on top of the the vinyl for this very reason. It fits wall to wall, but it is essentially a large area rug.


Golden West said...

What good looking flooring - useful and beautiful! That you can hose it off is the ultimate in practicality. And I see Mark is a fan of blue painter's tape - another highly useful product!

M.Kate said...

It looks great! Better than boring white for sure :) Happy week ahead..hugs/M

32˙North said...

Wow! That looks like a dream floor. Hosing it off? Priceless!

Donna Pizzi said...

Brilliant thinking; great look! You've done it again! Brava!

gretchen said...

what great texture!
I have an old white floor in my kitchen, vintage unknown to i know what you've gone through trying to keep it clean. Mopping lasts as long as it's damp, by the time it has dried, it needs it again!