May 06, 2010

Studio Visit: Melinda Hannigan

This image capture is taken from the VR photo of Melinda's studio.

The final art studio we visited in the Seattle area was that of maritime painter Melinda Hannigan.

Melinda focuses on the rust and scrapes of working ships, manipulating realist images into her abstract canvasses.

Or, as my husband says, "She can do rust."

Having perfected rust, however, she was interested in new painting challenges. Melinda is experimenting with mixed media and some of her new paintings feature parts of the sail. (Two other paintings in this series can be seen in the top photo)

Melinda's upcoming exhibitions will be at Fetherston Gallery in Seattle May 14 - June 12, and at the Columbia River Maritime Museum in Astoria June 18 - Labor Day. If you have the opportunity to visit either of these exhibits, I highly recommend it!


chiccoreal said...

Dear High Desert Diva: Love Melinda Hannigan's work! The rust makes the work more "real". Not a painting anymore; more sculptural almost bas relief. Boating has always given me a sense of freedom and this what I experience when admiring these works. Amazing pieces. (Love to know how she does them).

RJ @ A Life Designed said...

Beautiful work! I love taxtile art. Her work reminds me a lot of that of a friend {Max Wright}.